Official K6WHP Project List

Well, since my exit to the Fields of Elysium eventuated 10 October 2017, I am working my way through the list below and eliminating those items that have been completed or should be stricken off due to relevance. (cf., Pig Choir items.) Anyway, that said and as before, this list is not sacrosanct as stuff can lose relevance or become subsumed into other projects. The great thing about this is that it is my time and I can do as I please without being trespassed upon by former bosses (I am looking at you, Frod, you paramecium!)

But I still have to solve the mystery of getting Disquis comments to work here. It seems that, like the inept fielders who let fly balls drop between them in short left field, Disquis and Blogger point to each other and blame the other guy. A pox on them; I will solve this despite their tinkling on each other. Again, in no special order:

1. Build regens:
  • WBR regen (Far Circuit board).
  • Kitchin Scout regen (Far Circuit board).
  • (Waste of Time!)
  • Breadboard Radio kit board. (Done! Marvelous little kit!)
  • WBR regen built with QRPme squares like AA7EE's effort.
2. QRP XCVR kits:
  • NorCal 40A/30A build and document project with WB6JDH.
  • Bitx40 build.(Traded to Dick for Bencher paddles.
  • QCX build.
  • 2N-2-40 build. (Scheduled in January sometime with N6VCW.)
  • 2N-2-20 build.
  • Kits-and-Parts 1Watter 20m kit.
  • Kits-and-Parts 1Watter 15m kit.
  • Kits-and-Parts 1Watter 30m kit.
  • Kits-and-Parts 5Watter 30m kit.
  • Kits-and-Parts Amp board x 2.
3. Rebuild/refurb HW-7s; make into Dick's HW-7X model! (Underway as of 05-01-2019.)
4. Restore & calibrate 485. (Done with help from WB6JDH!)
5. Develop CLARA RDF project. (Organize pig choir class.)
6. Develop PSK-31 proficiency. (7200, 706, 817, etc.)
7. Build third K-42. (Done!)
8. Build third NorCal SWR meter. (Need box.)
9. CAP comm weekend/syllabus.
10. Get TS-323 running. (This is the VHF/UHF military frequency meter.)
11. Get AC/Isolation XFMR stuff squared away!
12. Reload .30-06 ammunition.
12A. Reload .308 ammunition.
12B. Reload .223 ammunition.
12C. Reload .45 ammunition.
13A. Get Savage Model 10 and PA 4-14x44 scope zeroed. (Done! Out to 600 yards!)
13B. Get M-1s zeroed.
15. Get rid of old VHF radio. Gone Goose!
15A. Get rid of old CB radios. ..ditto!
16. Wire aviation head set. (Back on the schedule)
16. Build junction box/adapter for aviation head set.
17. Integrate Icom SM-6 mic with K-2. Found K-2 mic header documentation!
18. Build VK antenna analyzer. (Gave to Dick.)
18A. Develop Arduino Antenna Analyzer. (Not necessary; have two Sark 100 versions!)
19. Develop satellite proficiency. This relegated to "fun in the sun".
20. Build G5RV with ladder line from remnants. (Am now experimenting with EFHW and other types!)
21. Build tube xmtr and rvcr kits. Given to N6MST!
22. Finish variable power supply with meters. Willed to N6VCW who did a beautiful job!
23. Build DC voltmeter/Ammeter monitor for FD.
24. Add DCV/DCA meters to Astron RS-20A. (Done! See new project below.)
25. Build ESR meter using Simpson DC 0-5 mA meter if it does not sell on eBay. Gone Goose!
26. Replace Battery in HP 5.5 digit DMM and have it calibrated. (Done!)
27. Calibrate Fluke 8800A DMM. (On hold.)
28. Conduct CLARA antenna clinics with SO-239 and J-Pole and trap building sessions. (See above re pig choir.)
29. Conduct CAP ham radio "Elmering" class. (See above re pig choir.)
30. Restore and align Realistic DX-160. Completed and eBayed!
31. Re-cap Realistic DX-160. See above!
32. Tek 310 restore. (Sent to Bud on AARF!)
33. Build audio amplifier for speakers.
34. Package NorCal keyer kit with audio amp, speaker, and controls.
35. Take another run at the TS-180S and see I can figure out what John could not!
(Done! New PLL board installed and TS-180S sold!)
36. Finish rebuild of Astron RS-20A PS. Done and done! (See post.)
37. Prepare for CW Academy in April 2018. (Finished first class and waiting for second.)