Sunday, January 6, 2019

Unbalanced and End Fed

Somewhere along the road to building the QRPGuys tuner, I stumbled onto the EFHW craze that leaked out of the QRP realm into QRO land. Guys like Steve Ellington, N4LQ, and Steve Dick, W1RF, and John, KN5L, have led the charge (along with a few hundred others ).

I am tumbling to the fact that these  End Fed Half Wave antennas (or EFHW as they are called) are a shockingly neat little concept for folks that like to operate afield. Gil, F4WBY, in France, explains it best:

..and I am too tired to write up more; will do it later. But here are some shots of my first attempts at building the transformer and some testing I was doing. At this point I do not know my ass from a bowling ball. Will get back to you when I do!