Saturday, June 1, 2019

Zuni QRP Op Postion Pictures & Related..

Intended for Ed and Matt who are heading up to Zuni for the first time this year, here are some random pictures of operating positions I and other Zunis have set up over the years. It will give them some idea of what to expect and other necessary prep goodies.

Essential is, of course, a table and comfortable chair. I had a great folding canvas chair in past years but, unfortunately it crapped out. I found that a simple folding metal chair worked just great and, because of its rigidity, was actually more comfortable that I expected. Your mileage may vary.

As can be seen in the pictures, I have constructed a set of shelves for the radios and other equipment. The shelves give more operating space on the table and raise the rigs to eye level. These have been improved from the single shelf affair to the double shelf thingy with the LED strips. The latter is supremely desirable because it affords more than enough light to operate with at night. Moreover, the light shines downward and does not glare into your eyes nor get in your way when operating.

Other Zunis seem to like to just throw their rigs on the table and hook them up with a rat's nest of coax and power cords. Being as obsessive/compulsive as I am, cables and power cords are dressed and hidden, gear stowed properly, and other items are within reach as I need them. And this reflects in the results, I must say. I am consistently able to rake in 100-150 Qs on 15m while the other guys do 400+ Qs on 20m and 40m..

..wait! What?

Not apparent but essential to operating comfort at Zuni is BUG REPELLENT! Let me say that again:


..good luck in the contest.

Herewith the photos; no special sequence.