Monday, March 28, 2016

Late to the Dance: Palm Springs 2016 Hamfest

Earlier this month, WB6JDH and I ventured out to Palm Springs for the Desert Rats annual ham fest. Originally held on a private residence on the last Saturday of January, it was moved to a public venue because the tree-huggers were afraid we hams would step on too many snails or birds or mammals or some-such.

I had been absent the last couple of years but Dick told me that the Desert Rats had come to their senses and waived the $25 fee for tailgating they had been charging in the past in the interest of getting more of us casual sellers to attend.

Last year's swap meet aspect of the get together only say abut three or four participate. This year, there were more and -- hopefully -- the participation will climb.

As you can see, it is a spectacular place to sell, being on a verdant almost golf-course-like outfield of a baseball field. While the pickings might have been small, it was a nice, warm day of relaxing in the sunshine.

Cannot wait until next year!