Monday, October 7, 2019

Exercise for the compulsive: Scouting The Winter FD site..

The following pics were taken over a Mile Square Park on 7 October 2019. I was looking for a decent site close to parking and with tables and trees capable up supporting an array of antennas for experimentation and Winter FD. Clearly, this represents a more hospitable weather situation that January or February next year. Look here for my previous survey of Site #1 to see how it looks in the Winter. But, even at that, the site boasts a number of advantages:

(1) Proximity to K6WHP's QTH with the possibility of packing our gear across the street. (One mile hike.)
(2) We can load gear into one car and enter the park for a modest day fees. ($3 weekdays and $5 Saturdays.)
(3) Parking lots close to the two spots cited.
(4) Great pizza joint close by for apres testing/contesting sessions.
(5) Virtually empty on weekdays. Ditto Winter weekend days.

Here with are the pics; documentation to follow.