Monday, August 24, 2015

Stay tuned..

..I am about to rip a new asshole for LDG, the LDG Yahoo Group, and the IC-7200 Yahoo Group. Hint: You buy 4-5 of LDG's tuners and kits over the years and you'd think you would get a little more that shrugged shoulders and "Dunno, our LDG Z11 PRO II works on our IC-7200."

And the IC-7200 Yahoo Group ain't much better; just appliance operators.


Well, maybe I am just having a bad hair day!

RETRACTION: I need to apologize for the harsh remarks made about LDG. Dwayne offered advice that I did not heed because, basically, my head was up my ass. He told me to plug the Z11 in BEFORE I actuated the tuner and things should be all right. I did so and -- viola! -- everything worked as it should!

I should explain that I was in typical "Chicken Little, the-sky-is-falling-mode" when attempting to discern the problem but that's no excuse for my contempt. So, I am sorry, Dwayne! Your products -- from the original LDG kit I built (and still use with my FT-817) to the two Z-11s I use around the shack and the other two or three tuners I have had pass through my hands -- are the tops!

Thanks again!