Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Closing Loops

A while back, I walked picked up a couple of deals at the Pomona swap meet -- a Heathkit HG-18 sine and square wave generator that looked like it was fire-bombed and an AN/URM-25D signal generator that also looked like it was at death's door. The HG-18 was preliminarily inspected and posted here and the AN/URM-25D here. I wanted to close the loop on these, so here goes.

Actually, you don't "pick up" an AN/URN-25D at a swap. They're magnetic and..well, as I explained to the folks on the Antique Radio Forum:

Anyway, these things are not nearly as bad as they look. Military gear is virtually hermetically sealed and the innards are usually pristine. I used to collect military radio gear and some of the World War II and Korean War stuff -- particularly that which was to serve in tropical environments were water and fungus-proofed to beat the band. So, you can imagine how clean the insides of test equipment that dwelt in a service shop must have been babied was like.

Bottom line on this was that there was a cold solder joint on the frequency turret and, once repaired, the little beast was dead bang on. All that was left to do was get out the can of elbow grease and get 'er done.

..rock solid stable as well. Not bad for some old gal you pick up at a swap meet, eh?

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