Thursday, December 8, 2016

..same for the old/new AN/URM-25D

As with the IG-18 in the previous post, I scored an AN/URM-25D that looked like warmed-over dog shit outside but turned out to be very promising inside. Actually, when I stuck it on the bench and checked it out just6 after the swap meet, it was dead on and rock stable. Aside from the cosmetics, the dial lights were burnt out and one of the bands was intermittent.

Here's the "before" pictures:

..replaced the lights and related circuit with some bright LEDs but am less than happy with their brilliance - but they'll do. As for the intermittent band, I disassembled the unit and started poking and prodding but could not find anything amiss with the circuit. In the procees of doing that, however, I lifted the legs on a couple of components so the could be checked. When they were re-soldered, the band seemed to function correctly. SO, I saw no reason to go further.

Here are the "during" pictures:

Afterwards, I gave it a good cleaning, repainted the case, and put it back together. Will add they "after" pictures when I get a chance.

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  1. I love the old gear. It's built to last and to fix

    73 NE5U Mike