Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More new old stuff: a Heathkit IG-18 rescued from the scrap heap..

To paraphrase The Bard:

When sorrows come, they come not single spies But in battalions.

But then I would have to amend that to say that old gear crops up as swap meets in clusters and this past September was no exception. Or, perhaps more precisely, it WAS and exception. Among the other items I found roiling in my nets as I hoisted it back aboard were two items that were to be R&R (repaired and "re-offered"). One was a AN/URM-25D and the other was this Heathkit IG-18 sine and square wave generator and both cost me $5 each because they looked like hammered crap -- on the outside.

Turns out that this generator -- a product of the late 70s and beloved by audiophiles for their purity and lack of harmonic distortion -- was virtually pristine on the inside. I went through this preliminarily and it seems to be damn close to tolerance. I did a few screwdriver twists on the inside and applied considerable elbow grease to it on the outside and it now resides on the shelf next to a cousin that I picked up for $20 from a previous swap meet. One day, when I am retired, I will go through it stem to stern and bring it up to dead-on.

Until then, it will be a hangar queen like its cousin. Below are the before shots. I will endeavor to get the after shots as time permits.


..stay tuned.

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