Thursday, January 11, 2018

Proposed Winter Field Day Site

This is at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley. Looks a lot gloomier than it really is. This is in the midst of Winter after two days of rain took down a lot of leaves. This is a large park bounded by Warner Avenue on the South, Brookhurst Avenue on the west, Euclid Avenue on the East, and McFadden Avenue on thr North. It's one mile by one mile ~~ hence the name Mile Square Park. (Stultifyingly obvious.)

Dick, WB6JDH, and I wandered over there yesterday to snap some shots of a prime location within a short walk from my QTH. While there are a lot of trees -- many very high oak or eucalyptus -- there is this one spot bounding what is called "The Glen" that features a very promising stand of trees for antennas.

The shots below are rather gloomy and stark but this was on a cold day after two days of rain and a lot of clouds. With any kind of sun, the site is much more pleasant with an abundance of benches and an oft-disregarded sign advising against the intake of spirits. (This can be circumvented with the judicious use of brown paper bags should one desire a can of suds with his or her tuna sandwich.)

If the hike in is too much, there is parking very close by this spot. Also, apres contest (around 1600L), there is a nice commodious pizza joint a half mile down the road.

Map of park showing "The Grove" location circled in red.

Prime spot with stand of trees in "The Grove"
Looking into "The Grove"

Benches near the prime stand of trees in "The Grove".

These be the trees..certainly big enough for decent antennae.

Dick accosting a squirrel.

More squirrel action with Dick playing hard-to-get.

Some other trees.

Pond across the street.

Benches near the prime spot. Note proximity of parking in background.

More benches.

Disregard; just bring brown paper bags.

Pond across the street.

Additional sites across the street. Typical of locations throughout the park.

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