Saturday, March 10, 2018

Senility sets in: Reorganizing the clubhouse..

O.K., that's it! I started misplacing things and coming up with duplicate items because I did not know I had picked one at a precious sale or swap meet. So, I was determined to "re-org" the clubhouse, put things away, label the boxes..

..and, in the process, integrate my dust-collecting DR-235 220 radio into the shack. Here's the pics:

The old VHF radio (left) nest to the new 220 radio (right) alternative to ultra-running preening and fishing stories!

All the rigs..with the revived TS-180S!

"New" scanner just in from Yuma, other acquisitions, and standby rigs.

Got sick of dragging out a DMM on the bench, so I added one I scored at TRW to my SAMPO's

Latest project is reviving an Astron RS-20A.

All parts and projects organized and labelled. Anal retentiveness lives! (Don't tell the USPS!)

QRP Rigs and test equipment stowed out of the way.

Cables and connectors sorted and labeled.

Heathkit HW-7s and HW-8 and HW-9 station awaiting mods.

And note that they show a dissected Astron RS-20A on the bench. Well, that's my latest project and the subject of a near-future write-up. Stay tuned.

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