Sunday, March 11, 2018

Astron Revitalization (Part 2)

Thinking that the gremlin dwelt on the rectifier board, I attacked it with savage fury!

The first thing that WA1MIK says is, in effect, that if all else seems O.K., swap the LM723 regulator chip. And this seems reasonable because it's (a) socketed and (b) it's cheap. (About 99 cents.) So I rocketed down to JK Electronics, got one, and rocketed back home breathlessly expecting everything to be rosy.

Sadly, It wasn't! So on with the analysis.

So, yet again, back to JK Electronics to purchase a TIP29A and back to the bench where..

.. I was met with the same disappointment!

Borne of frustration, I started swapping any and all parts on the regulator board I could (without going back to JK Electronics).

After scratching my head and re-reading and further cogitation, I returned to the Repeater Builder Yahoo Groups thread and was met with a pleasant surprise. Initially, I received only two replies from my pleas for help but, in the interim, a crapload more had appeared.

Tune in to see what the final episode holds for our hero!

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