Monday, March 19, 2018

Astron Supply back in the land of the living..almost.

After a couple of family emergencies and a small cold/flu attack, this project was finally buttoned up. I reinstalled the charging ports and the meter. as you will see in the pictures below. However, this time, I added a diode and a fuse to negate my reverse-biasing and blowing the pass transistors to high heaven. Here's the screamingly simple circuit; no challenge here - except to install in the supply. Not great wiring, but it'll do.

Try not to be overwhelmed by the complexity of this circuit!

..and here's the pics.

And, no, I did not cut out a hole in the front panel. The steel is pretty thick and doesn't nibble readily. If I need to convert the supply back to "sorta stock" there are fewer/smaller holes to plug. Also, don't get nervous about the meter showing 14.01 volts. It reads a little high. The adjustment pot on the regulator board was set to 13.9 VDC whuich is a good compromise for running test radios and topping off my gel cells., back to the NorCal 40A project.

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