Sunday, November 27, 2016

DX-160 Restoration Project

I am offering this DX-160 for sale for $60 plus shipping as I need the shelf space for my NEW OLD Kenwood TS-180S. Regret having to do this but it has fallen into disuse and I figure some collector will appreciate the work i have done in it.

It was cleaned, re-painted, re-capped, tuned and aligned and I even added LEDs to replace the puny original bulbs. The result is a radio with a brighter appearance and sound.(Also added is the Radio Shack shown in the pictures.)

Note that the mods/upgrades include a shielded back plane to reduce external noise


  1. That is a nice receiver Bill. Good job on your restoration. Were you able to sell it yet? I cut my teeth on a DX-160 back in the early 70's courtesy of my best friend Dan Dillon WN8IWR. I have many fond memories of tuning his receiver at his house when I would stay over for the night as a teenager. We both studied for our Novice license together.

    Al, N8WQ

  2. Alan,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your plaudits. I was able to sell it and -- insofar as I know -- the new owner is happy with it. I had done about three of these and one of the two of the upscale Allied receivers (a DX- and and AX-). I don't make money on these. Just like the pleasure of acquiring them, fixing them up, owning them for a while, and selling them on.

    But these types with the glowing dials and mechanical tuning sure do bring back the magic of radio, don't they?

    71/71 de