Monday, June 11, 2018

You know me, Al.., of course, a title stolen from Ring lardner's incomparable baseball about a rookie pitcher trying to catch on in the majors in the years before World War I. Of course, this post is for my good friend, W6AAX, who is named Al.

Basically, the crystal checker outputs the oscillator sine wave through the BNC but it also have provisions to an output meter in the form of a plus and minus set of terminals. The voltage (energy level of the crystal) can be measured by using a DMM connected to these terminals. These and some more aspects of the checker operation are depicted in the pictures below.

Note that the meter output terminals are just leftover component leads suitable for alligator clips.

Here are the clip leads in place.

Here's the unit under test,

..and the frequency and voltage output..

..and, finally, the scope output.

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