Tuesday, August 28, 2018

SUCK to SARK..the voyage around the SUCK begins..

Preliminary report: the cool thing about the Sark100 (Chinese eBay knockoff I have) is that is a decent signal source. Lo, look upon the emission and be humbled:

The manual specs claims that it is about 2.0 vols p-p adjustable but, seemingly, no external adjustment exists so I guess that the adjustment is done by means of rewriting the firmware as I cannot recall any internal trimmer extant.

However, while I originally thought that the "bands" were discreet frequency ranges relating to the amateur bands (160m, 80m, 40m, etc.) I note that these are broad contiguous ranges covering roughly 1.0 MHz to 60.0 MHz. Per the manual:

Also, hitting the "CAN" (up arrow) or "VAL" (down arrow) buttons will segue from one band to the next without stopping. It does so by stepping the preset increment per the config parm.

So, basically, it's a fairly decent signal source and reasonably accurate.

Sadly, it seems that the capacitance and inductance measuring capabilities of the device (CAP and IND mode) does not seem to work as described but I have to diddle a little more with that..

..more later.

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